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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Battle Of Longbottom, Part4 - Conclusion & Aftermath

Battle Of Longbottom, Part4 - Conclusion & Aftermath

The Elves are crushed under Roborr and the Gor Brothers.  The Druid herself is run down in pursuit by Roborr Baratheorc.

Sadly, the Elven sacrifice proves to be futile and unncecessary...  the defenders of the outpost also break. 

The survivors run out the back of the outpost.

The Uruk Fireballs live up to their name and begin setting the outpost on fire.

Gorgo: If only we were smart enough to use this Cannon on the cowardly Stunties.

Even the Uruk Fireballs' mascot contributes to the massacre.  The baby manticore flies up and drops a torch on the roof.

Captain Gorgo:  Good job, Snoot! We will go for a walk in the park later, ok?

Snoot:  RAAAaaaarrr!

The Mumak fails his Terror test by rolling a.... 12!  Again?!?  These dice are cursed!  Cursed... I tells ya!  Remulak with his 3d6 pursuit dice is able to match and exceed the fleeing Mumak.  Mumak has been re-acquired by Mordor.

The Orc Arrer Boys reform into double ranks and hop over the wall.  Time to feast on Hobbit flesh!
Monsters are coming for you lil halflings!

Arya and the Rangers take revenge on the lone Orc General and gives him a good beatdown.  Remulak is out of the fight!  The balance of the battle for the allies are as fragile as a spiders web.
If the center breaks... its over.

And break it does...  The Uruk Fireballs have reformed and are charging the Band of Hawks from behind.  The valiant Reinhardt and his paladins fall at last.

The Dwarves flee for their lives.

 Arya:  Sorry little Hobbits, we couldnt save your pretty village.

Lobelia:  (looks back at the rampaging Orcs) Maybe we cant protect the Shire, but you can be damned well sure we'll Avenge it!

Melisandre: The Avengers. That's what we call ourselves; we're sort of like a team. "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" type thing.

 Besides Arya and the Rangers, Lobelia and her hobbits are actually the only units that didnt break.
Oh, look the Shire dog and the Ranger wolf are glad to see each other!  Lobelia has to swat the Wolf away with her broom...

Lobelia:  Remember to spay or neuter your pet, responsible pet owners!

And with that public service reminder, lets move on to the aftermath, shall we...?


Post Battle:
The Rangers and Hobbits retreat North to Tuckborough... or is it East to Willowbottom?

Implications for next battle: choose to defend Tuckborough or Willowbottom...

1) If Tuckborough, then lose the East Farthing of the Shire, Buckland and Old Forest.  Our heroes will be cut off from Brandywine River and Bree but Hobbiton is saved for now.  Plus we gain high ground, because Tuckborough is in the hills.

2) If Willowbottom, then we lose West Farthing and Hobbiton, but save the river for possible Bear Island reinforcements and we will have access to run into the Old Forest and Bree.  Also Willowbottom has nice defenses: the Shirebourne River and Overbourne Marshes.

In the end, will the next battle have hills for defenses or a river and marsh?

Some thoughts on the battle:
Surprisingly little animosity for the Greenskins.  Terrible Leadership or Break tests for the allies.  I did forget to reroll misses on 1st turn of combats for Hatred.  Since both sides had it, I suppose it evens out.  Otherwise 7th edition is as smooth as I remember it.  I do like the idea of pulling stats and rules from any army book regardless of edition.  And using "counts as" for the more exotic units I have.  I also like the idea of being Edition Inclusive.

I dont just play ___ edition, I play Warhammer.


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