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Mars Miniatures

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lead Adventure's Ratnik Dwarf Clan Arrive In Moria!

Big post with lots of pics today!  Im very happy to welcome these newly painted dwarf reinforcements into my burgeoning Moria Dwarf colony.  They are Ratnik Miniatures from Lead Adventure.  As most of you know I am a TMP stalwart, yet I have lurked in the Lead Adventure forum for many years.  No more lurking!   I have recently joined their forum as a member, and am proud to be among such an illustrious and talented community of painters and hobbyists.

These figures match in size very well with Reaper and GW dwarves, which you can see for yourself in the comparison shots at the end of the post.  They are pleasantly plump and full of character.  The details are sharp and catch paint with delight.  These 17 new arrivals (3 were lost in the mail, somewhere over the Atlantic!) I have divided into 3 groups: a) the commander and his 8 Household Guard, b) the Wizard and his 2 apprentices, and c) 5 Cave Explorers.

Onwards with pics and text...

 Group shot of the Ratnik clan as they enter Moria, wondering if the first wave of colonists are still around. 
Gorman: "All we know is that there's still no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved."
 Here is Grand Ole Axetooth, chieftain of the Ratnik Hills clan, with his trusty mug of ale.

 And here come the Ratnik Cavern Experts, with lanterns, ropes, and other spelunking gear.  Yes, two dwarf womenfolk... they can sniff out which tunnel leads to treasure more easily!

 And here is Balgar Blackwing, dwarven wizard! Along with his support personnel, a librarian and a scribe.
My cousin Balin would give us a Royal welcome~! Roaring fires, malt beer, red meat off the bone.

 Librarian Iolag: "According to this, the living quarters are this way!"
Gombur the Scribe: "Day 2 since entering the Mines, we are lost and there is no sign that the first wave of the Reaper Dwarf clan was ever here.  Repeat, first wave was ineffective.
Capt John Miller: "First wave ineffective. We do not hold the beach, repeat, we do not hold the beach."
 Balgar Blackwing: "Blackbird totem staff say... dwarf brothers are near!"
 Grand Ole Axetooth: "To wake foul beasties or not, we must find our brethren...  sound your horn!"

 Two battle brothers

 Swinging axes all day is thirsty work!

 I smell orc!  Or maybe its just bat droppings.

 There is something or someone up ahead, bring your lantern this way!

 Now if I can just climb this rock...

 I think those are wild cave boar ahead.  I didnt sharpen my trusty meat cleaver for nothing!
Wait, its not cave pig, its our Reaper clan brothers!

 And so the 2 clans were reunited.  Comparison shot, Left to Right: Ratnik, Reaper, Ratnik - Grand Ole Axetooth, Reaper - Baron Hawk, Ratnik

 Another comparison shot, Left to Right: Ratnik - Lantern, Alternative Armies Torch Bearer, Reaper - Lantern

And finally a battle of the hoods - comparison shot, Left to Right:Ratnik, Reaper, Ratnik, Reaper, Ratnik

So there ya go!  17 Ratnik clan dwarves join 30 Reaper clan dwarves and 4 gnomish tunnel fighters.  Im not resting on my laurels though.  I just prepped and based 20 Heartbreaker dwarves, sculpted by Kev Adams.  Busy brushwork from the Mines of Moria!  Until the next post...