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Mars Miniatures

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gnomish Tunnel Fighters

  I bought some Alternative Armies dwarves on ebay, a box called Tunnel Fighters.  I suppose they are OOP, couldnt find them on their website.  There were 10 of them, but only 4 unique sculpts.  So I will keep 4 and sell the other 6.  They are 25mm, so are smaller than my Reaper dwarves, so in my world they are now gnomes.

 Group shot of all 4 gnomes

In the future I want to make a artsy pic of these guys in a proper dark tunnel with lighting appropriate for torchlight.

  The guy on the left is a firepot thrower.  Naptha bombs! I love the smell of burning goblin in the morning.  And I love that lil guy on the right, with his tongue sticking out, he really loves tunnel fighting.

 Here is a comparison shot with a Reaper dwarf.  Sure he is smaller, but isnt short on character.

Another comparison shot with a Reaper dwarf with a lantern in the center.  I think he will be their boss. 

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