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Friday, April 10, 2015

An Expedition To Reclaim Moria!

  There are few stories in fantasy that elicit that feeling of "desperate glory" more than the effort to colonize the fallen Mines Of Moria.  The dwarven name itself, Khazad-Dum, evokes a sense of dread but also of mysterious treasures lurking in empty dusty halls.  So these ideas have been burning in my mind of late, an obsessive compulsion like Dreyfuss carving out Devils Peak, first in mashed potatoes, then later in full blown "terrain mode" to fill your living room.   I started this blog with the desire to focus only on 10mm middle earth, maybe dabble in other fantasy subjects, but always in 10mm exclusively.  I cant stick to my miniature size shackles...  not for "the long dark of Moria".  I must, need to return to 28mm. Like Gimli said, "we cannot pass over the mountain.  Let us go under it!"

   The minis are Reaper Miniatures.  Expensive, yet a veritable treasure.  The terrain is Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles.  An even more expensive treasure.  I spared no expense.  ( Dinos sold separately)
So below are my first 30 Dwarves, and they fall into three groups: 1)civilian explorers who are miners, metal and wood workers, etc..., 2) professional soldiers, and 3) the nobility and their House Guard.  My goal in this project is for every figure to be a unique character "no duplicate sculpts", also only metal minis. 

  Rules wise, I will be using Song of Blades and Heroes.  I will not be refighting Moria exactly.  My lost underground Dwarven Kingdom is hypothetical (fantastically speaking).  Yes Orcs and Balrogs will make appearances, but I wont be limited to Middle Earthian sensibilities.  All manner of foul beasties will inhabit the Moria of my dreams.  This is a far deadlier expedition.  So armor up, friends.  Get your spelunking skills on and I will see you in the caverns/dungeons/mines/what have you...

 "Baruk Khazad! Khazad Ai-menu!"  (The axes of the Dwarves are upon you!)
- Dwarven battle cry

Assemble the hosts! Call forth the legions!  We march to Moria!

Dwarven adventurers, ready to spelunk the caverns.  Let us risk a little light. 

The caverns are a bit slimy in places.  Beware the Watcher in the Water.  Unless you like calamari.

Among them, some thieves for scouting, a forge maiden to keep the weapons sharp, and a chronicler.

 And here are the professional Dwarven soldier class, for when the enemy appears.  Heavy armor and deadly weapons to match.  led by Captain Drogo in the center.

 Although Dwarves prefer glorious close combat, there's no denying the usefulness of a crossbow or two in a fight.

Moving forward, deeper into the mines.

The councillor spots movement in the darkness and sends word to the high commander.

Leader of my expedition, Baron Hawk, gives the order to form up.

 Form up!

The Baron and his close guard with their backs to high ground, where they can retreat to if necessary.

Overview of the Dwarven lines.  Civilian explorers on the watery left.  Nobles in the center.  Soldiers on the right.

 Dwarven Forge cavern tiles sure look great.  They are precious to me.  Preciousss...

And there is the post, coming up next?  Foes... but of what variety?  Tune in to find out!

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