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Mars Miniatures

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bugman's Beer Cart and Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarfs

Morale is about to be boosted in Moria...  the beer cart has arrived!  Dwarves take their beer seriously and this shipment is guarded by none other than Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarfs.   Hmm... maybe I should have read the fluff before assembling them.  Apparently, they are also known as the Dragon Company, but I didnt get any shields with these guys in a trade.  So, I scoured my bits box and found these lion shields that are for older Empire spearmen (5th edition box set, maybe?)  I like them, so now they are called Prince Ulther's Lion Company.  Im still missing the banner bearer, musician, and the 2nd in command figure. Im waiting for a reasonable price on ebay for those.

 Here they are on the road to Moria

 Bugman's Beer Cart in all its hop-tastic glory

 Possible enemy sighted, form ranks!

I think the lion shields look great on these lil fellas

 Close up view of the dwarves.  They kinda look apprehensive.  Perhaps they are not happy with their deployment orders to the dreaded Mines Of Moria.

 Another close up.  I like the helmet with the visor down.

 Prince Ulther himself, not a dwarf who should be trifled with.

 Side view of the Beer Cart.  I think I need to make some reins.

So off they go on the road to Moria...  will they make it without mishap?  Tune in next post!

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