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Friday, May 22, 2015

Oldhammer - 80's Citadel Middle Earth, Dwarf Fighters, & Slayers

Lots of 80's metal goodies today! I just finished painting up 3 groups of dwarfs from these ranges: Citadel Lord of the Rings dwarves, Citadel dwarf fighters/adventurers, and Marauder Slayers. I really enjoyed painting these retro stunties.

I use this site to find out what Im looking/hunting for:
Its probably best to go through the catalogues by year here:

And boy, I gotta tell ya, there are a lot more Oldhammer miniatures than I remember.  Add in the fact that Im also collecting newer companies that have that retro feel.  Meaning...?  This blog will be around for quite a while. There will be dwarves a-plenty around every corner to rustle up, paint, and send into the Moria Reclamation Project! Sigh, and then at some point, theres a whole mineful of Orcs to get to...

Onwards to pics and descriptions...

First off, we have Gimli and some old school Middle Earth dwarves

I really like this Gimli, much more than the modern movie version.  He just seems... stalwart?  Is it just a case of rose colored glasses?  Then again, I am biased, as I used to have this fella back in the actual 80s.

This figure is supposed to be armored Gimli and has a mounted version in the blister (which I dont have).  But instead, I am going to use him as Gloin, Gimli's dad.  So father and son are now in Moria searching for their cousin Balin.  And just you wait til you see my Chamber of Mazarbul coming up!  Will my version of Moria have Balin, Lord of Moria deceased?  Or is he yet somewhere deep below fortifying crumbling chambers against hordes of greenskins!  Ah, Im getting ahead of my narrative.   That is still several posts away. ;p

These three Lord of the Rings dwarves are blister pack ME-33.  I have painted their shields with the Lonely Mountain heraldry.  Not sure what the 3 stars are, but stars are sparkly, so there.

And here are 5 Marauder Slayers,  In my opinion, much better than the 90's versions.  And far superior to the 00's.  The regimented look of modern Warhammer figures just feels so cold.

I debated giving them the bright orange dyed hair and flip flopped, several times.  In the end, orange hair screams dwarf slayer to me.  I did give them the celtic striped pants and blue face paint as well.

Look at how characterful these guys are!  Each sculpt is an individual, not like modern sculpts.

Alrighty, these are a mix of Citadel fighters and adventurers.  Maybe some northern dwarfs as well?

Im calling the Dwarf wizard - Nindalf.  Yup, the only apprentice to Gandalf the grey, he also got a Palantir Seeing-Stone as well.  I didnt photograph this too well, but the crystal ball has a numeral 8 on it...  Magic 8 Ball!  Will I ever finish this Moria Project?  "Dont count on it"   Hmm, thats a little ominous, isnt it?  Answer courtesy of "Ask the 8 Ball" at

This dwarf is either carrying a map or a really large "fortune cookie" fortune.

That dwarf with a hammer is definitely Grumpy.

A group shot of the latest additions to Moria

From the other angle...
And finally a comparison shot (from L to R): Citadel Gimli, Alternative Armies, Reaper, Ratnik
Interesting, that the Alternative Armies dwarf matches well with Oldhammer.  Which means the tunnel fighters are back to being Dwarves after all!  Congrats lil fellas, you have graduated to full time Dwarf status.  Now, as for those old school Ral Partha's.... well... you will see in a post or two.

So what next?  We still have to resolve the Beer Cart adventure, dont we? and we will do so... in style!

Until next post, this is Mar signing off.

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