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Friday, July 21, 2017

Tom Meier's Zombie Dragon & More Pets For The Lichemaster

A Zombie Dragon appears on the blog.

The Lichemaster, Heinrich Kemmler, also makes his debut.
It is by his undead hand that he commands the Zombie Dragon.
As if the Dragon isnt enough to handle, the Lichemaster brings even more pets to maul his foes for the upcoming battles for Bree.

Look upon this 80s box artwork and despair from its pure awesomeness.

This is coded as DG6 Tom Meier's Zombie Dragon.
Go visit the internet archive Stuff of Legends for more info on Citadel dragons and anything else vintage Oldhammer:

A great worm from an ancient time, brought back by fell magicks. 
Whatever his name was of old has been forgotten.

Lichemaster Kemmler has given him a new name... Drakkar Noir. 
Feel the power!
In the far future, those silly humans will bottle the essence from the pools of his homeland and use it as "eau de toilet".
Here is Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster himself!
Sure , he's a 90s sculpt, but that dont make you a bad person.
(And yes, there is an 80s version of him that was made for the "module" Terror of the Lichemaster. 
Which I would like to get at some point.  But this one will do for now...
That module also had minis of the skeletal warlords Krell, Ranlac, and...  Mikael Jacsen and his Zombie troup!
Oh, 80's Oldhammer and its wacky humor!)

For those who dont know or recall, Krell is the bound servant of the Lichemaster.
But in recent events here on this alternate Middle Earth, Krell is now serving the Queen of Carn-Dum, I wonder how that reunion with the Lichemaster will turn out?

The Lichemaster is back from the wastelands of Forodwaith.
And now it is clear what he went north to get... a new pet Dragon!
While he was there he found a Frost Beholder playing in the snow drifts and promptly ensorcelled it and sent it south to the war effort in the Shire.
Ahhh, so thats how that well travelled Beholder ended up back in the battle for Sarn Ford.
See this post for that battle:

This is another of the Lichemaster's pets.
He is a three-headed canine which I am calling Kibbles.
Thats right... the dreaded creature known as Kibbles of Ered Mithrin!
Ered Mithrin is a mountain range far to the north of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain.
And it is home to many strange arctic fantasy creatures, like for example...

...the Frost Hounds of Ered Mithrin.
I somehow got a box of these GW Chaos hounds, which I didnt care for at first.
They have grown on me though.

These Frost Hounds are descended from Blink Dogs who migrated north.

Now the Lichemaster has wrangled them up in a pack, impressed them with this magic tricks (he has liver treats up his sleeve!), and trained them for war.
Thats right... a War for Middle Earth!
Yeah, thats the ticket.

Look out Saruman and Sauron, the Lichemaster will make his mark and stake out his territory... with the power of savage pets!
But first, Bree and its human defenders must die, then be reborn in Undeath... to grow the armies of the Lichemaster!


So there you have it folks, more devilishly cute pets for the dark powers.

Next up we have some more proper vintage Pre-Slotta Citadel figures.
Stay tuned for some 80s Citadel White Boxes, also known as Speciality Sets!



  1. Fantastic looking models. I like that particular version of Heinrich Kemmler. Perhaps it has to do with the time I was introduced to Warhammer, right at the transition from 3rd to 4th edition.

    1. He is a great sculpt. Especially since I think he is a Gary Morley sculpt. NO offense to Mr Morley, but his Nagash of the 90s still gives me nightmares!

  2. More great work. I've got some of those hounds and, like you, I wasn't too keen. But seeing your paint work I might hange my mind. You've made them really fit in with the older figures.

    1. Everything is better with some paint on 'em! ;p

    2. Haha. Very true. How did you paint them? Looks like a heavy drybrush for the fur, which would make it simple yet highly effective and a method I would have borrow for my own models!