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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tales From The Beer Cart, Part 6 - Sarn Ford, Start Of Battle

As the allies approach the river crossing of Sarn Ford, they see signs of a recent battle. 
Wallace reports to Baron Hawk that a battle between Greenskins, Men, and Elves took place here. 
The Greenskins won and from the column of smoke that can be seen further north, it looks like they have burned a town or two.
But most importantly, the scouts report that some Greenskins are still guarding the crossing.

Boromir says he is sworn to fight evil everywhere he finds it. 
The Dwarf commanders agree that they should hunt this Gobbo army before they burn even more towns.

 Boneclaw the Wraith and his Undead troops at Sarn Ford.
Winter is here!
Except its not cold weather at all in the Shire.
Its rather nice and pleasant really, which really annoys the agents of the Night King!

 Boneclaw has been sent to the Shire to scout the area for the Night King's armies.
But if he can pillage a town or crush an army or two, he wont mind.

 Jakjak is a young Undead Frost Giant.
He has a still living cousin called Wun Wun who fights in Mance Rayder's army.
He has another half giant cousin who is the groundskeeper for some snobby ivy league wizarding school.
Jakjak hopes that someday he can persuade them to join the forces of darkness and not have to face them on the field of battle.

 Oh look!  Its our old buddy... the Beholder.
The Beholder has once again been pressed into the service of the evil powers.
As he was minding his own business in Forodwaith playing in the snow drifts, a pack of bully Wraiths from Angmar captured him and through their sorcery they have spellbinded him into obedience.
Looks like there will be no peace for this poor fella.

Giblet the Shaman and a unit of Goblin spearmen known as the "Doomstickers".

 In Warhammer, there are many types of Goblins: Night Goblins, Forest Goblins, and Hobgoblins.

 There are also the lesser known Gnoblars, Fire Kobolds, Hill Goblins, Bogarts, Mere-Goblins

 And in 1st edition there are also Red Goblins, Great Goblins, and Lesser Goblins.

 But these fellows are just plain "Common Goblins".
Despite this, the Doomstickers are desperate to prove their worth in a crowded Goblin world.

 The Oddfellows are sneaky gits.
They have been following the allies and want vengeance for their defeat at Tharbad.
Someone asked who makes these figures...
With the exception of Oddgit himself and maybe another lone Gobbo, most of these figures are Midlam minis, sculpted by Kev Adams.
I think Oddgit is a character from the 4th edition Idol Of Gork campaign supplement, which I dont have.
I got him in a trade and he didnt have his staff, so I gave him a severed head instead.

Khan: Of course! We are one big, happy fleet! Ah, Kirk, my old friend, do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? [pause] It is very cold in space! 

The armies face off at Sarn Ford.

Looking south from the Evil player's side.
The allies outnumber the baddies and are sure to outflank them on both sides.
But dont underestimate the power of the Beholder...
or Jakjak...
or the Wraith!

The Knights of Minas Tirith are the first to attempt to cross the Ford itself!
The Beholder is not impressed...

Wallace and his highlander scouts will outflank the western side.
The Gondor infantry are at a disadvantage against the undead, as they have to slosh through the river.
The Undead poke their spears at the Gondorian foot soldiers.
Im house ruling that units in a river, that are attacking enemy on the river bank have a -1 to hit in combat because of the slippery conditions.

At the last second, the Evil player switches Jakjak into the Beholders position at the center versus the Gondor Knights.

The Beholder swings east to stop the knights of Dol Amroth from flanking the Goblins.
The Reaper Clan Dwarves attack the Doomstickers.

On the western side, its slow going, but the skellies are being ground back into dust, one skull at a time.

Jakjak and Boneclaw the Wraith are too much, even for Gondor's finest.

Bad timing, the Swan Knights are able to charge the flank anyway.  That doesnt matter to the Beholder as he wades into the fancy looking knights.


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