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Monday, July 17, 2017

Oldhammer 2nd Edition Box & Scenario Books

Sometimes eBay amazes me.
Not all the time, but when it does, it makes me cry manly tears of joy.

Here is the 2nd Edition Box set of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
You might remember my White Box 1st edition post here:

There is similarity in both of these purchases.
Not only did I get each of these boxes at about $50 a pop, but they both had all the extra material of their edition packed in the box!
In the 1st Edition box, I got the Forces of Fantasy supplements and the Book of Battalions.
Now in this 2nd Edition box, I got all 3 scenario books for 2E with all their miscellany.

How am I so lucky?
Sigmar must be watching over my hobby purchases.
Either him or Sauron, Im not sure which.

Im also a very patient eBayer and I always wait til I can get a good deal, so Im prepared to get a "not so great" copy.
But surprise again, once more!
I got a sharp undented box and crispy clean booklets.
So later, I might have to sacrifice some fatty Hobbits in the name of Sauron (although isnt that what pretty much happened in the Shire campaign of last year?)

Now I have had this edition before, but I never had the scenarios supplements of McDeath or Lichemaster back then.
Hence, my surprise of new nostalgia waiting for me.

Look on, dear reader, and witness the beauty of Oldhammer 2E

Overview shot of everything that came in the box.
Thats right, I got all the scenario books with the rulebooks!
And all the cardboard buildings and miniature standup counters.
Plus some addendum, catalog pages, and various ads.

Look how nice and crisp this box set is!
John Blanche does the box cover art (as if you didnt already know!)

 The first two core rulebooks are Combat and Battle Magic.

This looks freshly printed.
Everything is crisp and clean, even the staples look newly forged!
As condition ratings go, these books are Mint.
All the books were in acid free backing and in comic book bags.
This was definitely from a serious collector who probably bought two copies of everything, one for use and one for storage.
This was the storage copy, as it looks and feels unread.

Oldhammer artwork

The rules are pretty much the same as 1st Edition with Forces of Fantasy mixed in.
Some of the art is recycled, but the new pieces are great.

This drawing looks to be a Wraith or Wight coming out of some pottery like a Djinni from a lamp.

Dammit, who knocked over the Urn?
(everyone points at the sinewy barbarian) 
Conan!  You're too big to be a thief!

The third core rulebook is the "Monster Manual".

And the 1st scenario book is Bloodbath at Orc's Drift, which is written and illustrated by...
Gary Chalk, Ian Page, and Joe Dever!
For those who dont know them, they are all of Lone Wolf gamebook fame.

Joe Dever, was not only the writer of Lone Wolf books, but also the video game Killzone.
Which is why Helghast is in both works.

Gary Chalk did the artwork for Lone Wolf, various Oldhammer and also the board games Talisman and Cry Havoc!

Both of those board games I spent much of my formative years playing.

Ian Page was an unfamiliar name, so I googled him to find out: not only did he help write some Lone Wolf books, but he was also the lead singer of the Mod Revival band "Secret Affair".
An obscure band, but since I do have a fascination with the "mod/power pop/punk" bands of the 70s, this was quite a surprise for me.
Listen to

A mean looking Wraith taking on a Beastman.
My money is on the Wraith, looks like he has a beastman trophy collection already below him.
A couple of those heads look like Orcs.  And a Dwarf too.

Hey they even provide a nice map of the area
I swear this looks like it belongs somewhere in Sommerlund!
Now I will have to figure out where in Middle Earth this is for my own campaign.
Oh, spoilers!
Yup, Orcs Drift might certainly happen on this blog.
If I had to guess, I would say this map is a small area in Dimrill Dale!

A couple of army sheets for the scenario

Two more beautiful scenario books!

The Tragedy of McDeath is written by one of the creators of Warhammer itself - Richard Halliwell.
And is illustrated by the wonderous John Blanche.
Mr Halliwell was a big part of the design of the first 3 editions of Warhammer as well as one of the greatest board games ever made... Space Hulk!

Terror of the Lichemaster is written by Rick Priestly and illustrated again by Gary Chalk.
Im sure we all know Mr Priestley's contributions to the gaming world.
For the padawan learners, Mr. P has designed and or contributed to Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Necromunda, Warmaster, and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle!
Nowadays, of course, he is with Warlord Games and has done Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Gates of Antares, etc.

Oh look its the Loch Ness... err I mean Loch Larm Monster.
Nessie it turns out, is just a Dragon Turtle!
Oh, and I do have a Dragon Turtle just waiting to get a nice paint job.

Ha!  Look at these guys!
They look like Hogwarts drop outs.

I could be wrong but besides John Blanche, I dont think any of these blokes are with GW today.

Lovely simple art and stats.  And a map to help you lay out your game table.

Lastly, I got a ton of these cardboard sheets for buildings and counters.


So there you have it, minty fresh 80s nostalgia!

Im sure that some of it will be quite useful here on my Middle Earth mashup.

I dont think I will switch back to 2E rulewise though, I will be sticking with 6/7E for quite awhile yet.
Still, it is a treasure to me.
I will be pouring over every little scrap of art and info contained herein for many a sleepless night.

So thats 1st and 2nd edition collected (I have also completed 6th and 7th, & closing in on all the Warhammer Ancient Battles books too)

Now, if only I can get 3rd edition books for a good price and in mint condition...
I dont know if my luck will hold out.
Especially with the creaky old binding of 3rd edition hardcovers.
And this time, I swear to all the old gods and the new... I will never sell or give away my wargame books and miniatures collection again.
So say we all...


Next post: The Horsemen Cometh!


  1. That is a spectacular find. Congratulations. I hope you can find 3rd Ed stuff. It goes for stupid prices on eBay. Used bookstores can be a better source, but hard to know what you'll find.

    1. Yeah, Im not too optimistic that I will get so lucky with 3rd Ed. Then again, I have plenty of fatty Hobbits to sacrifice to the Dark Lord of Mordor! :p

  2. That is a pretty sweet haul! Congrats buddy! ;)