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Monday, June 12, 2017

Warfare Minis - More Marienburg Infantry Arrive In Bree

Oldhammer LOTR - More Floppy Hats in Bree

Buddies... welcome to another post.

 More Marienburgers have crossed over the Misty Mountains Pass and are headed to the defense of Bree.

 This time we got a block of pikes, some grenadiers, a general on horse, and a cannon.

 They are, of course, from Warfare Miniatures and sculpted by Clibinarium.

 Here is General Rutger Van Halen.
In his early years he was in a rock band in Panama.
After one particularly rowdy concert the band was sold into slavery by the native Panamanian Slaan.
Rutger was the only member of his band to escape through the jungles of the New World.
He then found himself being hunted by a Blade Runner named Captain Solo.
Rutger delivered his famous "Tears in Rain" speech and got Captain Solo to doubt his new career choice.
Solo even allowed him to return to the Old World aboard his freighter ship.
Freed from his Replicant slave clause, he returned to Marienburg and was quickly recruited in the war effort to defend Breeland.

 Brandenburg Cannon and crew

 These cannoneers like to point in all directions whenever the General is watching.
Makes them look busy.

 Marienburg Foot Guard Grenadiers

 These fellows carry explosive Str4 grenades.
They may place the small blast template within 8"

 They can also operate in skirmish formation.

Oldenburg Pikes
And here is a nice big block of Pikes.
They have a suitably impressive large banner to match.

 This regiment is from Oldenburg.

 Not only are they impeccably dressed...
They are dressed to kill!

 There are 32 men in the unit.
Arranged in 4 ranks and 8 men wide.

 Brushing up on my Pike rules from the Dogs of War armybook, I (re)learned that Pike can strike with all 4 ranks in any combat where the Pikemen have not moved (they have been charged, or in a second or subsequent turn of combat).
4 Ranks of attacks!
In the first turn that the Pikemen have charged they still get to attack with 2 ranks.
Pikes also get to strike first in any combat, despite being charged or Initiative.
Oh, and also, each Pikeman gets an extra attack against enemy cavalry on the first turn!

 Left to Right:  Churchyll the Duke of Marienborough, Rutger Van Halen

Churchyll:  Rutger!  Glad to see you caught up with us.

Rutger:  Hey buddy!  I hope the cavalry arent too far behind.  I hear we are outnumbered here by our enemies.

Churchyll:  Trust in the defense of your Pikes, brother.  And in the power of our muskets.

Rutger: Yeah, yeah... still...  there is something comforting about waves of cavalry riding down the enemy flanks!

Churchyll:  Hmm... youre right.  Where are those damned cavalry?! 

Another pic of all the Marienburg infantry painted up so far.


Coming up next post we will have Marienburg horse, with the Guard du Corps cavalry and some Saarlander cavalry.
There might even be some news from the North!


  1. Top notch figures and flag, most impressive job!

  2. LOvely minis and a rousing bit of fluff. Excellent stuff Mar! ;)

  3. Fun! I'm really liking the incorporation of these guys into the campaign.