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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Age of Sig-Marienburg, League Of Augsberg In Middle Earth

Hey buddies, here is a long delayed post.

And a truncated update at that.
I had hoped to paint the full army of Marienburg, but alas, real life has delayed that.
My own dear Mum passed away recently.
She was a great and understanding wargaming mother.
Considering that my Pop is an old school hex & counter wargamer as well, that makes her doubly a gamer saint.

I will miss her greatly.  But life must go on, as must this blog...
I didnt want this month to pass without a post, so here is the first part at least...


The Town Crier can be heard with the latest news in the war torn lands of Eriador...

Marienburg has entered the War for Bree!
Floppy Hats sighted crossing the borders of Eriador!
Sauron says Floppy Hats are for sissies!
Social media calls for ban of all Mordor products until the Dark Lord apologizes for bullying!

Now that Ive got your attention (and possible prepared ire)...

Am I switching from Oldhammer to Age of Sigmar? 
No.  (You can put down the rocks now you grognards!)
Im here to announce that Marienburg is joining the war effort in Bree...
complete with new outfits and floppy hats!

 Here comes the vanguard of the Marienburg forces. 
They feel a bit vulnerable right now without the protection of their pikemen, cavalry and cannon.
But dont fret, reinforcements are following right behind this post!

 Churchyll, Duke of Marlboro... errr... I mean Marienborough.

Churchyll is the sworn foe of the High Elven Cirque du Soleil King, Ludovic XIV
The Sun King, I mean Soleil King employs a troupe of Eldar mime/assassin/performance artistes whose wave of terror has spread across the Empire.  These self-styled Harlequin assasins were making snide insults about Elector Counts the Old World over, simply because they just didnt have that "je ne sais quoi". Even the already flamboyant Marienburgers werent exempt from the taunting of the Soleil King and his snobby Elven insulteurs.  Many a thin-skinned noble stepped out of public office and deleted their twitter accounts from the deadly Eldar ridicule.  At first there was the War of the Estalian Succession, then the War of the Hochland Succession, then the War of the... you get the picture.  It was a dark time for the Empire, until the Marienburg General Churchyll beat those dastardly pointy ears at the Battle of Bad-Plaquet.  The Soleil King has accepted the terms of the "No more bullying" Treaty and so far the haughty Elves have refrained from their deadly derision and settled for narrow eyed looks and upturned chins.  But the Eldar, being such a duplicitous species (dishonorable according to the stunties!), no one knows how long the peace will last.  The success of the campaign has brought much glory, wealth and technological prowess for Marienburg.  While the rest of the Empire has languished in the (yawn!) Renaissance era, Marienburg has leveled up to the Age of Reason, complete with floppy hats!

OK, this new and entirely silly background fluff allows me to now field the wonderful minis from Warfare Miniatures who have just opened up a US site!  Cheaper prices and free shipping!  For years Ive wanted to join the Imagi-Nations craze.  Now I will, but it will happen in the context of my Oldhammer Middle Earth campaign world.  And I really think its just an evolution that was bound to take place in the Oldhammer mythos.  Bretonnia is just an excuse to use medieval minis, the Empire for 30 Years War, Kislev for Polish Lancers, etc...
I think there was even a Roman Centurion looking mini at some point in the past. (Yup, it was a Dogs of War General, Lorenzo Lupo - Prince of Lucinni)

 The men in blue coats with red sleeves are from Oldenburg.

  They are the most grizzled veterans of the lot and like to grumble about all manner of affairs; usually about new fangled editions of wargame rules.

 The men in grey coats with red sleeves are Saarlanders. 

 They say the great Saarlac Pit creatures are bred there and sold for great profit to the Hutts out east.

 The men in white coats with blue sleeves are Brandenburghers. 

They are a musical people, apparently the Maestr Magos-Lord Sebastian Bach named six conciertos after their fine city.

 Churchyll, Duke of Marlboro looks about for the scouting report.

 Churchyll:  Ahh there you are, scout boy!  So what news of Eriador and Breeland?

Saarlander Scout:  The Shire has fallen with its allied defenders, but Bree has reformed under a rogue bandit leader and a ranger who has claims to the throne of Gondor!

Churchyll:  And are any of those pointy eared Elves to be seen in Bree?  And what news of Kislev?

Saarlander Scout:  The Elves are all under siege in Rivendell or out west at the Havens.  Of the Kislevites, who knows... but it is said, there is a chill in the winds.  Will the Ice Queen answer the summons to war?

Churchyll:  Well, if not.  We, Marienburgers, shall save Breeland!

Saarlander Scout:  We must hurry, many Undead forces are surrounding the Human Resistance.

Churchyll:  If Bree falls before we arrive then we shall claim the whole of Eriador for the Low Countries!  No Undead forces can prevail against the might of Marienburg!

Muskets and floppy hats.
Will it be enough to turn the tide in Bree?


Just for the record, I have the greatest of respect for the Horse & Musket historical wargamers in general and the League of Augsburg folks in particular.  With that said, I hope none of them see the travesty about to occur on this blog in the name of the Grand Alliance.  Avert your eyes, my esteemed historical gamers!

Marienburg in Warhammer lore is inspired by the Low Countries and so it is entirely appropriate that I use Dutch figures meant for the 9 Years War also known as the War of the Grand Alliance, also known as the War of the League of Augsburg, also known as the Williamite/Jacobite Wars, or the War of the Two Kings in Ireland, and also known as King Williams War here in the American colonies.

The colors of Marienburg from Mordheim are blue, yellow, and red. Which of course is the colors of the Garde te Voet, the Dutch Guard. And Im using appropriate Dutch flags for the regiments, and the Gardes du Corps for the cavalry.  However, I will not be painting them exactly historical.  Same colors, just in different spots.  I claim fantastical license for Oldhammery sensibilities.

The next couple of posts should bring the rest of the Marienburgers into the blog.


Next post:   More Floppy Hats in Bree


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting; I find your Warhammer/Middle Earth mashup quite entertaining! And you even threw in a Star Wars reference!

    1. Thank you, good sir.
      And thank you for reading.
      Not a post goes by on this blog, without a quirky pop reference somewhere in the mix.
      If its not an Oldhammer tradition, then it should be.
      May the Farce be with you.... always.


  2. Uniform, painting and photos are absolutly splendid, incredible details, congrats!

  3. Mar,

    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    I do love the Oldhammer blog. Keep up the great work.


  4. Hi , so sorry for your sad loss, but you have the right philosophy. Great figures on this post, and looking forward to seeing more soon.
    all the best

    1. Thank you, sir.
      Ive a bit of a backlog on the painting commissions, but soon enough I will tackle the old lead mountain that has gathered to do battle for a free Breeland.

  5. Good stuff! Condolences on your loss.

    1. Thanks buddy. Nice to see some of you TMP folks here.

  6. My condolences on the passing of your mother.
    E T

  7. Huzzah! Really looking forward to the next step in the campaign.

    1. Sean,
      Thanks buddy.
      This month will see a spike in posts.
      Which means... get ready for some preliminary battle reports!

  8. So sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.

    Keep up the great work, this stuff is awesome!! It's truly inspiring to my imagination...