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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Citadel's Fiend Factory - George The Giant

Fe Fi Fo Fum...
Game of Thrones has Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun...
the Greeks have their Titans,
the Irish - their Fomorians,
the Norse - their Jotun
But Citadel's Fiend Factory has George the Giant!

Now this blog has a painted Giant too!

Here is George the Giant in all his grody-ness.

Regular readers of this blog are used to the mandatory C Series Citadel Code in my posts.
But this time I will also provide the Fiend Factory Code!

George started with the Fiend Factory code:  FF64-2
And later re-released in the C Series under C28 Giants

 George has a bit of a paunch.
Of course, his love of raiding Bugman's Beer Cart caravans, doesnt help his beer belly.

Oldhammer has plenty of great figures for Giants...
"C Series" Giants are classic, the Marauder Giant is iconic.
But George was among the first few in their early pre-slotta Fiend Factory line of miniatures.
Along with George, FF also had a Hill Giant and a Cyclops.

Fiend Factory was the Citadel miniature line made for White Dwarf's articles of the same name.
It was a series of articles that introduced strange new monsters made for Dungeons And Dragons by UK gamers.

All those monsters were collated into a book - The Fiend Folio!
My copy of Fiend Folio is still in pretty good condition.

So, yes, for those that werent aware, Citadel and Games Workshop's genesis was tied into the early history of D&D.
In fact, in the back of the Fiend Folio there is a list of the monsters and who created them.
Early Games Workshop owners - Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are listed there for a good number of the monsters.
Ian Livingstone notably had the Grell and the Hook Horror.

Here is the entry for Mountain Giant alongside George the Giant.

So George is a Mountain Giant.
And in my Middle Earth campaign, lets just say George calls the Misty Mountains his home.

Many years ago, long before the War of the Ring began, a band of brave Gondorians had an encounter with George!

Yes, that is Hieronymous - Fire Wizard of Altdorf, Boromir - Steward Prince of Gondor, and Gladius - Heroic Fighter of the Known World.

I wonder what quest it was that brought together that brave band of heroes?

George smash!


While some folks know of the official 80s D&D line from Citadel, they might not know of the older Fiend Factory connection.
I always loved the Fiend Folio for its weird vibe.
Little did I know then, that early GW was connected to it.
In the future I will have more Fiend Folio monsters and their Citadel miniature counterparts.

Battles are indeed coming, folks.
The year will not pass without determining the fate of Bree and Moria itself!



  1. That giant is nice. Looking forward to more of your stories.

    1. Thanks Ed! Very soon, more stories and more importantly... more battles!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, I probably should plug it here on this blog or in the sidebar:
      But Ive gone all "historical" 15mm, for now.
      I put quotes on that, because it will be an Imagi-Ancients style campaign, once it gets going.

    2. Interesting. Kings of war? I use Mighty Armies for my 15mm games. Kinda like HOTT with more personality.

    3. Im going with LADG for small games and Hail Caesar for bigger ones.

  3. Cool figure, it's funny to see how small the earlier giants were. Never noticed the match to the art before, I always felt that the fiend folio was somw kind of new fangled thing, I never used it in games. I can't remember if one of our group had a copy. Is it just me, or does the face look a tad like Brian Ansell in his Warhammer Armies pose?

    1. Old school giants are indeed just a little taller than ogres.
      I had to dig out my copy of Armies to check out Mr Ansell's mug and yeah, I can see it. (Also, love how awkward all those guys look in their photos, lol)
      And I wouldnt be surprised if it was true, afterall, they did a mini of Ian Livingstone the editor or 'ed hitter.