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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Armoured Orcs Of Barad-Dur

We got some hard hittin' minis here.
Uruks of Mordor AKA Black Orcs are now on the blog...

Its proper old school minis from Citadel Code: C15 Armoured Orcs.
They previously existed as FTO - Fantasy Tribes Orcs.
I believe they were sculpted by the Perry Twins, but I cant find any confirmation about that.

Here they are, ready to rumble.
Looks like "Lord of Darkness" Wraith has come up with them from Barad-Dur.

They are huge but not cartoonishly huge like the 90s orcs and onwards.
They look 'eavy and seem happily intent on beating you down... then maybe even eating you afterwards!

For the Orc on the right, I think I did a good job of freehanding that scorpion symbol on his shield.
Freehanding isnt my forte, but that one is good enough.
What?! You didnt know it was a scorpion until I said so?  For shame.

That one on the left has a cool helmet that makes me think of the Orcs in the old 70's Lord of the Rings animation (Bakshi with his rotoscoping).

They look savage and beautiful! 
Its something about the posing too.
Again, these fellas look like they would have no qualms about taking a bite or two out of their enemies (even) during the combat.
They'd just call it appetizers!

The one on the left has some severed heads on his belt, snacks for later!
Its rare for an orc to think about saving for the future... now thats a forward-thinking orc.

Look at those poses!
These guys are precious to me. Precious.

So, they are off!
Hunting man-flesh all the way up from Gondor.
First it was armored humies in black and yellow armor.
They followed them, shadowed them up the Anduin.
The boys waited, maybe more would show up... and they did.
There came another small troop of soft clothy ones.
Still the boys waited... 
Then some cold northers arrive with their haughty Queen!
Good for a cold dessert they says.
And now they are just about to pounce on the lot of 'em and feast on their flesh!
Ah, good times for the Orcs.

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  1. Those guys look very Tolkien now... love the red eyes like Bakshi orcs.

    1. They do have a classic 70s look to 'em, dont they?

  2. Lovely figs. I think you did a great job on the Scorpion.

    1. Aw... :( actually its a Fire-Ant.
      Just kiddin' it is a scorpion!
      Thanks buddy!