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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 1 - Zombies & Black Riders

Here is the first of 2 Undead armies converging on Bree.
We have some old school Black Riders from Citadel and Grenadier.
Along with a nice new Necromancer from Reaper.
The zombies are Mantic plastics.
But I will be adding auxilliary metal regiments from Rafm & Harlequin.
I already have a decent chunk of Citadel metal skellies, so my painted Undead army is coming along quite nicely.

The moaning battle cry of Brrraaaiiiinnnnsss can be heard along the eastern roads of Bree.
Zombies are on the march!

This is the Harbinger, from Reaper minis.
Seeing him means very bad things are coming...

GW plastics from the late Warhammer 8th edition.
While I didnt like 8E as a rules set, I gotta admit they had some great plastic kits.

Rest in peace, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Black Knights are princes and nobles from long ago, brought back to unlife and are ready to charge forth once again on their undead steeds.

Here we have Mantic zombies.
Cannon fodder for their Undead masters.

These poor fellas are famished, they need some brains to feed on.

This Mounted Wraith is vintage 80s Citadel Lord of the Rings.
His code is:  ME-64  Black Rider -  Ringwraith
Its nice to have some respectable old metal figures to lead these new fangled plastics.

I do like Undead Mantic plastics very much.

They are cheap and easy to assemble.
They also take paint well.

This fellow is Domus the Necromancer.
He is part of the 25th Anniversary of Reaper that is taking place this year.
Lovely, lovely figure that just oozes old school charm!
He reminds me of vintage Grenadier D&D wizards.

More Zombies...

Here is another Black Rider, this time from Grenadier.
His code is:  Grenadier M115 Mounted Wraith from Fantasy Lords series 1
I dont think he is available through Ironwind or Mirilton.
Which is a shame, he is a great sculpt.

And here are the 4 commanders of the Undead force approaching Bree from the East.

Black Rider #1:  Alright, buddies... here is the deal, there are living humans over yonder, lets go teach 'em whats what.  Color Sgt Domus, lead the forward regiments out.

Necromancer Domus: (points to the nearest Zombie unit) You Deadites!  You miserable bags of bones! Pick yourselves up and sally fo-, sally for-, (adjusts jawbone) sally forth...

The Harbinger:  I can see the future... The Grim approaches! A giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! It is an omen – the worst omen – of death!

Black Rider #2:  Hmm... Undead dogs of death are certainly welcome to join the army.  Hopefully its that really big 3 headed dog!  Play dead, puppy... play dead.


Stay tuned, even more Undead are coming!

Next post:  Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 2 - Lich Queen & Skeletons


  1. Great stuff! The problem with reading your blog is I see more figures I want to buy. I am currently painting the Wizard and have the grim reaper, which I thought you had converted to make the harbinger. I think Bob Rodolfo is becoming one of my favorite sculptors.

    1. Thanks buddy. Yeah, the Harbinger needs no conversion he is complete and eternal! And Bob is definitely a good egg.

  2. Hey, where have you been? Your blog has been my inspiration! Hope
    All is well...

    1. Ah dear reader Anonymous, unfortunately real life has slowed down the Moria Reclamation Project.
      But fear not, it will be returning soon, with fire and axe and trumpets!
      It will be a day of wrath, ruin, and a red day, ere the dawn rises!