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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Goblin Raiding Party & Saruman

This time we got Citadel White Box SS4 - Goblin Raiding Party

and Saruman with his personal bodyguard of Citadel 80s LOTR Half-Orcs.

The White Wizard approaches.

"Do not let him speak. He will put a spell on us!"

 Citadel White Box SS4 - Goblin Raiding Party

 Warlord Ubar Earbiter, Goblin Chieftain & Urag Legeater

 Discipline Master, Snurd Hideflayer & Bulbug Orcleaver

 Ubar's Lieutenant, D'glish Sharpcut & Norgus the Flatulant

 Shaman Pogo Wildchant & Gigblad Childsplatter

 Zurgush Wartpicker & Goblin Champion, Torg Dwarfsmasher


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, we now present for your viewing pleasure... the Wizard of Isengard...

And his Half Orc bodyguards.

Step right up, folks.  Dont be shy.

See the amazing White Wizard who can see into the future!
He can see things near and far, everywhere... with the help of his magic crystal ball...  err... Palantir, that is.

Mandatory Citadel Codes:  Citadel ME-62 Saruman The White

His Half Orc bodyguards always keep a watchful "eye" (of Sauron?!).
OK, how about they are always close on "hand" (of Saruman... much better!)

 Mandatory Citadel Codes: ME-43 Half Orcs

Saruman:  A new power is rising! Its at hand!  We will drive the machinery of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc.  

Warlord Ubar Earbiter:  Where are we attacking, mi'lord?  Rohan?  Gondor? 

Saruman:  No!  The land will be stained with the blood of stunties! March to Moria! Leave none alive! TO WAR! There will be no dawn... for Dwarves!


As if things werent bleak enough for the Dwarves facing the Balrog...
Now they must fight the forces of Isengard as well?!

OK, what did Saruman see in his Palantir that makes him want to attack Moria before Rohan?
Perhaps he broke Gandalf in interrogation?
Poor water-boarded Gandalf...
Does Saruman know about Frodo and his funny little Ring?!

Questions... questions that need answers...

But the most important question...
Does Sauron know who holds the One Ring? 


Next Post:  Springtime in Mordor!

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  1. More fantastic figures. Before I read that they were Half Orcs I was shocked that Saruman was as tall as his goblins. "I thought you were taller."