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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 2 - The Lich Queen of Carn Dum

Here is the 2nd Undead invasion force coming from the North.

Again, the bulk of it is Mantic Skeletons.
They are being led by various Lich lords... and a lady!

This is the Lich Queen Lucrella leading her skeletal guard.
She is the Queen of Carn Dum, far to the north of Rivendell.

She is a fancy one, the Queen.
She likes to sit on her throne, reading her favorite novel, while waving a gold plated scepter around.
The Queen is dead.  Long live the Queen!

Pass the pub that wrecks your body
And the church, all they want is your money
The Queen is dead, boys
And it's so lonely on a limb

Life is very long, when you're lonely

Mantic skeletons are ready to take the fight against the living.

You could say... they have a bone to pick.  Ba-dum-psshh...

These are Grave Guard...

Led by Krell, the Undead Champion.
He was once a mighty Chaos Champion who fought against Sigmar himself.
Seems his master, the Lichmaster Kemmler is missing.

Suits Krell just fine though, he is having the time of his life (unlife)
He is partying with the Lich Queen... and boy can she throw a party!

This tall fellow is Vordekai the Cyclops Lich.
He is the sworn servant of Lucrella, who took pity on the giant cyclops and showed him kindness after he was abandoned by his father for being a Chaosy freak of nature.
It was Lucrella who gave him his name - Vordekai.
Hmm... I wonder who his father is?
All that is known is that the original name on Vordekai's birth certificate is Magnus...
Vordekai does have vague memories of his brother primarchs teasing him and poking him in his eye.
Oh those imperial bullies!

Look into my eye and despair!

These skeletons are from the once great civilization known as Prospero.

The magic that animates them is from a forbidden book known as "The Rubric of Ahriman"

This fellow is one of the Reapers of the Apocalypse - Pestilence.
Pestilence must have been a follower of Nurgle in his past life.
Gotta love his undead goat steed.

And here are the four commanders of the skeletal army.

Krell:  What should we do about Aragorn and that traitorous Bill Ferny?

Vordekai:  I will break this Aragorn...  We will destroy Gotham and then, when it is done and Gotham is ashes, then the Heir of Isildur will have my permission to die.

Pestilence:  The forward scouts report that the humans are marching east to engage Domur and the Black Riders.  He has divided our strength.  This Aragorn is a crafty general, they say that on the field of battle... his hat is worth 30,000 men!

Krell:  He has humbugged us.  In a night's march, he has made us piecemeal.  

Lich Queen Lucrella:  Nonsense...  Calm yourselves!  Humans are not the only ones who can force march.  The first forbidden spell I crafted myself was a more potent variation of Vanhels Danse Macabre!  Prepare the hosts!  We shall march all night and all day, til all the lil' skellies ankles are worn away...

Krell:  (mumbling) Why do magic spells always have to rhyme?


So there you have it, the backbone of the Undead forces.
Now its a race to see how the battle unfolds.
Its human determination versus dark forbidden spellcraft.

Next up we work on painting up another (interesting/surprising) human faction that are coming to help in the defense of Bree...

Is it Kislev?  Tilea, Rohan, Dale, House Glover, or some other city state in Middle Earth/Old World/Westeros/Shannara...?

Stay tuned to find out!

Next post:  Age of Sig... (NOoooo....)

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  1. Another great army in review post. Looking forward to the battle report.