Mars Miniatures

Mars Miniatures

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Tempt not the Valar, You Proud Hobbit!

I feel thin, sort of stretched. Like too much butter spread over too much bread... Im old young Hobbits!


Small post today. And how ironic that the last post was how I survived 2 Aortic Dissections!

I just got home from the hospital a few hours ago and can add Triple Bypass Buddy and Dialisis Dude to the list! The hits keep coming, but like a determined Balin and company, I cannot be stopped from reclaiming my homeland. To Moria Forever! Lest we forget. All of this on the word of a King, and the word is good.

While I was in the hospital I made a few notes on my phone to remember my time there. 

Here they are:


(while walking with a walker and a nurse and upon hearing the squeaky walker wheel) 

Mar: That is the sound of my soul. 

(Nurse laughs uncontrollably) 


(another day, another morning, I awake to Turner Classic Movie channel on mute)

Nurse: How are you feeling today?

Mar: Bypass makes me vulnerable. Another thing to protect (pointing to heart), Its like another set of testicles on my chest.


(Mar plays pretend in his head. Because what else is there to do in the hospital?)

Mar: Going out in the world is dangerous. Here, take this small Heart Pillow! (hugs a little pillow that is given to bypass patients)

(Nurse looks puzzled)


Wow, this blog is taking root in reality! Am I a player in my own blog now? Where is the beer and roast meats, Gimli? And hand me my axe and torch and lets see what lies in the next chamber buddies! 

Maybe Ive always been here? Ive always been the caretaker! (cue song Midnight and the Stars Have You) 

And yes, I was a hit with the hospital staff. (the nurses loved me) I will repay their kindnesses. Or I will die trying! I swear it!

Anyway, Back to the post!

 So I came home to find a package of brown wool felt! They are Safari Brown from Prairie Woolens. I immediately cut a small shape out of them... and voila! A forest base for my widdle trees to live. And the ruined city world is taking shape. Nature is taking back what was abandoned. Is this Moria in the future? It could be.


Im going to rest for a bit and try to finish more of our buddy Joe Ps commission. But Im happy about a piece of felt. Its the small things in life.