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Monday, November 5, 2018

War Beasts of Lothlorien Forest

Who doesnt love forest dwelling beasts?

Here is a bedlam of beasties...
a menagerie of monsters...
a trampling herd of hoofs...

Step this way folks and let us visit the natural habitat of the war beasts of Lothlorien...

Reminder to myself, I really should update my Oldhammer Monster Manual!

These are all Citadel minis of course!
Which means they are all 'eavy metal.

The Elven beast master of Lothlorien with a Jabberwock.
That's Citadel Code C29 Jabberwock to you!
The beast masters job is to make sure no Vorpal Swords go snicker-snackering around his favorite pet.

Look at that lil mug!
What a cutie-patootie!

Warhammer 1st Edition has this for Jabberwocks:

The Jabberwock attacks on sight with a ferocity tempered only by a full stomach.
A hungry Jabberwock exhibits a luminescent quality which illuminates an area up to 6" radius around the creature, making Jabberwocks easy to see.
Unfortunately the mere sight of Jabberwock causes victims to freeze with fear...
Throw a d6 whenever a Jabberwock is visible within 15"
1-2  May not move this turn.  Must Save vs Poison or die!
3-4  May not move this turn.
5-6  May move... but only away from the Jabberwock.

So how does anyone get in close combat with it?  Only if it charges you, I guess!
On top of this, the beastie has 8 wounds, 8 attacks, can Regenerate, has a Weapon Skill of 8, and a Toughness of E (thats toughness 5 for you non old-schoolers!)

This sly beastie over here is a Basilisk.
Citadel Code C22 Creatures - Basilisk.

He has that glint in his eye.
He is planning some mischievous deed and will surely snicker when he accomplishes it!

As cute as he is, remember not to stare... Basilisks can petrify you with their eyes!

This creature is a Chimera.
Keep your hands away from its jaws... all 3 of them.
Oh wait, thats 4 including the snake tail!
Citadel Code C27 Chimera

This figure was supplied with a random assortment of heads and body.
There were 10 different heads and 4 different bodies.

Luckily I have the one with a snake for a tail, which I really like.

Arent lions dangerous enough?
Some rogue god had to give it wings and a giant scorpion tail stinger just to mess with folks.

Citadel Code C29 Manticore

This isnt your friendly Harry Potter Hippogriff.
This ravenous monster bird would surely eat those silly kids for a snack.

Citadel Code C29 Hippogriff

Thats 5 new beasts that are added to another 5 we have seen on this blog before.
They are allied (some say brainwashed) by the Elves of Lothlorien.

Green Dragon, Cockatrice, Chimera, Jabberwock

Owlbear, Hydra, Basilisk

Hippogriff, Umber Hulk, and Manticore

The forests of Lothlorien are a dangerous place indeed.
No one may walk under its leafy ceiling without the permission of the Lady of the Wood.
Lest arrow, or fang, or claw, or tail, strike at the intruders from all directions!


Stay tuned.
More elves from other places in Middle Earth are coming!



  1. Nice collection! Last year I used some of my Oldhammer monster in a convention game (, and the monsters drew the most attention.

    1. Very nice blog, game, and monsters!
      I see you have a Terror Bird and a Coatl I have yet to acquire those ones. Gotta catch them all! ;p